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Van Der Plas

*Van Der Place Gallery - NYC 2019

Some of our works are strictly abstract, while others merge with the figurative. We use the adobe suite and procreate for the realization of our artworks. We specialize in 2D creations and illustrations. Our work is inspired by the theme of dreams. We are drawn to illustrate various women characters in colorful dreamworlds. For the abstract elements, we use resin in which we have diluted fluid pigments. We love this technique because it forces us to adapt to the vagaries of this viscous material. This loss of control frees us from pre-established conventions and from performance anxiety. The emancipated movement found in the play of colours is of great aesthetic quality.

In addition, we have created collaboration projects with different visual artists. We had the chance to work with painters, 3D artists and photographers from here (Canada) and elsewhere. Artists such as : Dirty Robot, Mc Monster, Archan Nair, Aeforia, Nikolas Tower, ANIMVS, Jf Lemay and others. The exchange of ideas and the mixture of styles give the paintings a unique dimension. The visual artists community always showed openness to our artistic endeavor and we are very thankful. 

We have made the most of what the digital age we live in has to offer. We have had the fortunate opportunity to export our art internationally. 

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- Baku - Stéphanie Lamontagne & Dominique G.Lemire

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Exhibitions and Accomplishments

  • November 2022, Baku is now a Publisher on Nifty Gateway
  • September 2022, Baku becomes a new member of the SuperRare NFT community.
  • August 2022, Top 10 picks by Paloma - SuperRare Magazine
  • June 2022, Museum exposition at the CNE in Jonquière Québec. 
  • May 2022, "Vagabond" show curated by My Art is Real.
  • March 2022, "Æternam" Aeforia's Dad curated Nifty Gateway drop. 
  • Febuary 2022, Physical NFT exposition at 0xSociety
  • November 2021, "Purpurea" featured artwork on MakersPlace.
  • October 2021, "Letting Go" Online exhibition with My Art is Real.
  • September 2021, "Lunae Lumen" Special auction in collaboration with Binance.
  • August 2021, "Shape of Things", featured artwork on MakersPlace.
  • July 2021, "Hello I love You", Online exhibition with My Art is Real.
  • May 2021, Baku becomes a new member of the MakersPlace NFT community.
  • March 2021, Médusa, Baku's genesis NFT artwork in collaboration with JF Lemay was acquired by the renown Collector Bharat Krymo.
  • Febuary 2021, Art Talk 28 with Ishika Guha.
  • January 2021, Featured on PÉBÉO's Artist Spotlight.
  • August 2020, Live outdoors performance during the "La Brise Culturelle" festival for the city of Sherbrooke in front of city hall.
  • January 2019 to April 2020, Brand contract with PÉBÉO for the representation of a new range of resin products called "Fluid Pigments".
  • Since December 2019, Baku exhibits at the Artbeats gallery in 'Montreal amongst artist like, Mathieu Lacas, Karine Dermers and André Fournelle. 
  • November 2019 to February 2020, exhibition 抱抱 自己 艺术 展 at the Social Innovation Workshop Center in Shanghai, China
  • October 2019, Exhibition with the Gioia foundation for fundraising dedicated to this cause. Artistic performances during the cocktail. See article by My Art is Real Magazine
  • August 2019, Exhibition at the “Van Der place” gallery "Summer Salon" in New York. Collaboration with multiple international artists
  • June 2019, Exhibition at the “prescription art” gallery in Brighton
  • From July 2018 to July 2021, Baku exhibits at the gallery “Live Art Business (LAB)” amongs well-known artists like Fvckrender, Sophie Wilkins, Daniel Victor and Steven Spazuk. Baku performed various artistic performances in collaboration with the “LAB” gallery